Mission And Vision

UpKeep for Maintenance and Contracting

Upkeep For Maintenance and Contracting is all about merging our technical abilities with our artistic and architectural views to ensure a full satisfaction of our clients in the residential or commercial fields, or In fancier words: “Art without Engineering is only dreaming and Engineering without Art is only calculating “well, But, our job doesn’t stop here; we not only build but also maintain our projects with our Class A technicians ready for on call and preventive measures.

You want to know more About Us?

Upkeep For Maintenance & Contracting started with a Mr. Majed Costantine, a successful and achieved civil engineer that saw our Lebanese Market destined to follow the international necessity of residential and commercial outsourcing of Maintenance services and thus found the field promising enough to invest in it.

A small company you say? Yes indeed it is maybe in size, or in staff but not in ambition, not in experience and certainly not in quality of services.

Late Replies? Not even in our vocabulary, we commit to easing your mind when it comes to your everyday life smooth functioning.

Upkeep For Maintenance & Contracting Family will never try to meet your expectations but always to exceed them.