Our Projects

Bsalim 452 - 2009

Bsalim 452 is a 6 six-building residential complex in 2009. Each building composes of 2 basements, one residential and the other for parking, storage, fuel tanks and Chaudière, and 3 residential floors .Each floor contains 2 apartments of 182 m2 total area per apartment.

Grand Valley Residence-2011

GVR is a 19 villas project at Maghdouche, South Lebanon with villas of 1 basement and 2 floors. Total area of the villa varies between 213 and 564 m² of area including basement, garden and balconies. The compound was divided into groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 villas sets.

Saint Elias Church in Deek el Mehdi 2011

Upkeep team was responsible of the foundation of the church in the Concrete, Electrical, Plumbing and Drainage sections.

BBAC Kaslik Branch - 2011

Building was renovated in all civil, mechanical and electrical plans and rebuilt as a 2 floor deluxe bank with all appropriate modern equipments and furniture.

Residential Building in Beit Chaar, Metn - Nour Building 2012

Deluxe Building with 3 Floors of 2, 120 m2 apartments, a parking Floor and a residential basement of 250 m2 .North and South Apartments differ in partitions. Each Apartment is entitled 2 parking spots.

Red Cross Antelias Building

Concrete construction of building composed of basement, 3 floors, and roof.

SSCC Bouchriyeh

An old basement turned into a Class A Architectural Masterpiece of a theater with False Ceilings and Walls, Stone tile dressing, lighting and sound systems it true achievement.

St.Elias Antonine Monastery in Antelias in 2012

Renovations in the kitchen where modern equipment and painting was integrated, and the meeting and eating room was turned from a plain to a modern room while still maintaining its antique look with a stone floor, lighted false ceiling, furniture, a set of Aqueduct windows and Aqueduct artistic paintings...

St Peter Building

A residential building under construction in the town of Beit Chabeb right in the heart of Metn with 4 residential floors and 2 parking floors. Apartments of different sizes and duplex available.

St.Joseph Cornet Chehwan Music School 2012

After a study of Children students age 2 music rooms were created with appropriate height Corian seats view their adequate options with a Mozaïque floor and a colorful, educational and fun center carpet.

Outdoor Classroom at SJS in 2012

On its 50th Anniversary SJS wanted an innovative idea and so Upkeep team came up with an outdoor classroom created from scratch with an enlighten road having 5 books one for each decade of its history ending up with the classroom and a maintained and secured cave.

SJS Maintenance Work

Upkeep team is 24/7 on school premises for all on the spot maintenance actions as well as preventive periodic maintenance to all mechanical, electrical and civil works and equipment in all school buildings, cafeterias and theaters as well as monastery water tanks.

Stone Wall at SJS Cornet Chehwan

After acknowledging the high risk of wall destruction due to heavy load Upkeep team had to renovate stone wall on stages according to safety regulations and load calculations of bridge bending.

St Joseph Courtyard

An upgrade to the St Joseph Church Courtyard with a drainage and floor lighting system for a perfect wedding venue.

Champville Theater

General Renovation of Champville Mariste's 300 Seats Theater including Wood, Steel, Chairs, Wall Cladding, Flooring, Painting, HVAC, Video, Sound and Lighting Works.

Optic Kassouf

Metro Superstore Branch of Optic Kassouf Glasses Shop with High End Finishing Wood and Glass Works.

Commercial Insurance Starco Branch

Renovation of offices from Electrical,Data, Plumbing, HVAC, Aluminum, Glass and Flooring Works.

St Peter Project

Residential Building with 12 Apartments with cave and 2 parking spots per apartment and amazing view of the Metn-Keserwan Valley